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The Bumble is a momentary stutter pedal with a twist. The “Blend” knob allows you to adjust the amount of signal that is affected when you press the switch. Setting the Blend to “Min” gives you a full-on stutter/signal kill, while “Max” allows almost all of the signal to pass through.

This allows you to create an interesting variety of stutter, tremolo-like, or degraded signal tones with a single pedal. The Bumble is a mini pedal, so it takes up less room on your board, and it does not need a power source, meaning more room on your power adapter for more pedals!


The Bumble is in pre-production and will be available soon. They are individually hand-produced, and thus supply will be limited. To add your name to the waiting list, complete the form below and we’ll reach out to you when we have a supply ready to go. The Bumble will sell for  $59.99 USD 

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